494091079Our Mission

helping businesses and communities to be  resilient in a risky and a changing world

About ContinuityNZ

Irrespective of size of your organisation, whether public, private, or not-for-profit, we help you to proactively prepare for unforeseen events. 

Our aim is to help you to be ready for the unexpected. Recent surveys by the Business Continuity Institute reveals that invocations of business continuity plans has been placed more on ICT failures and natural disasters. Apart from that there are other disruptions have badly impacted organisations. Some of them are supply chain failures and failure of third parties to deliver contracted product or service, power and utility disruptions, operations process breakdown, human negligence, fires, floods, flu pandemics, civic disorder, governance failures etc.

We bring to you, years of deep experience to safeguard your businesses from them, in establishing your business continuity readiness. We will collaborate to work with you, to develop and strengthen your plans by proper validation. When the unexpected happen, you respond well and bounce back fast to ‘business as usual’ mode. Your business and the reputation survive! 

This is commonly known as ‘business resilience’.

We are a New Zealand based company, working with organisations in New Zealand and internationally

Our Mission

‘To help you to be resilient in a risky and a changing world’.

To fulfil this mission; ContinuityNZ will direct all its energies, actions and resources to achieve the following goals,

Provide timely, high quality niche BCM/DR consulting service, including implementation of international standards such as ISO 22301

  • Offer coaching and training in Business Continuity Management and related subjects, for better incident preparedness, plan development and implementation to build awareness on incident or disaster preparedness and to put plans into action
  • Promote, Business Continuity Management among the business community and the public
  • Build awareness on Incident & Crisis Management or Disaster Preparedness and to put plans into action

Strategic Partners

We partner with Resilient IT, one of New Zealand’s Leading Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery specialists. resilient-logo